Compliance + Training

One of the other main areas in which GLADE MICHEL WIRTZ provides advice is the development, structuring and implementation of compliance programmes.

  1. Here we place particular emphasis on ensuring that the compliance programme is tailored to suit the exact requirements of the company in question. A prerequisite for this is an analysis of the relevant risk areas, which can vary for each industry and also depend on the organisational structure, the size of the company, etc. Next, in cooperation with you, we define risk-prevention measures tailored to meet your needs. This also includes – if necessary – the performance of audits, training courses, the preparation of compliance documentation and the establishment of a compliance organisation with corresponding reporting structures and reaction scenarios.

  2. In the past, GLADE MICHEL WIRTZ has advised a large steel distribution company listed on the German stock exchange in connection with the establishment of a global dawn raid task force and the international introduction of a code of conduct and other compliance guidelines. As well as this, we also introduced a complete antitrust compliance organisation for the German subsidiaries of one of the largest construction companies in Europe.

    At present we are in the process of developing and implementing compliance programmes for various clients, including a leading German trade fair company, a well-known charitable foundation and a major German chain of chemists. In addition to this, we are analysing and optimising the antitrust compliance management system for a transportation company with international business activities.

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