Our approach to advising clients

Experience that "less is more". See the uncompromising belief in top quality advice put into practice. With lawyers who get on with each other and form a homogeneous team made up of a wide variety of different personalities.

  1. The law firm GLADE MICHEL WIRTZ was founded by Dr Achim Glade, Dr Arndt Michel and Dr Markus Wirtz in 2007. The three partners met at large international law firms and all realised at the same time that their uncompromising focus on quality and personal dedication called for a setting of its own.

    They have positioned their law firm GLADE MICHEL WIRTZ as an alternative to the leading large law firms: Fewer, but highly qualified lawyers; organic growth; quality as the top priority – coupled with the freedom to remain true to themselves.

  2. In 2012 they were joined by two new partners: Dr Marco Sustmann and Dr Andreas Merkner, both of whom had, up to that time, worked for large law firms and with each of them being a significant gain in the CORPORATE practice.

    In 2013 Dr Silke Möller was elected to become a partner. The anti-trust law expert has been part of the GLADE MICHEL WIRTZ team since the foundation of the firm.

    In 2014 Dr Jochen Markgarf became a partner in the corporate area. As Dr Möller, Dr Markgraf belongs to the founder team of our firm.

    In 2017 Dr Christian Karbaum was elected to become a partner in the field of competition.

  3. GLADE MICHEL WIRTZ has a global network with partner law firms worldwide; thus ensuring that our work is always guaranteed to run smoothly for our clients, even across national and cultural boundaries.

    As a co-founder of the recruiting event JURDAY, GLADE MICHEL WIRTZ sees itself as a modern employer that offers exceptional legal personalities a challenging, and at the same time attractive working environment.

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