Our team

Striving for excellence. Remaining authentic. We are united by a common ambition: To be outstanding specialists, to think in terms of networks, and to take a far-sighted approach.

  1. We only employ lawyers who passed the first and second state examinations in law with honours and who have also spent time studying law or working as lawyers abroad.

    We enjoy working hard in the interest of our clients – tailor-made top performance is the least that we can do for you. The personal level is just as important to us, which is why we are far more dedicated than is usual to ensuring good communication and a good working relationship with our clients.

    As a team we are open and honest in our dealings with each other, very well organised and perfectly equipped, both professionally and technically. We have a very special firm culture, which enables each individual to do outstanding work and to not only enjoy their work, but also enjoy a healthy work/life balance.

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